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ink flow air and ink
ink drawing shadow synchronicity between my sister's ink drawings and my snapshots
Ross and cloud no hurry
glider and Golden Gate bridge
top left: northern california hills and ridges
right: the dump in fall and spring
bottom left: the dump in fall, winter and spring
King of the Bay kiteboarding competitor king the of bay kiteboarding comp
orange Gangster fall colors at the dump
Superbrad movie frame "Shake It"
20MB quicktime movie
Pacific Tree Frog Penguin on launch, Tonic in tree
left: various northern california sites
right: hat creek in summer
Walking to launch the dump and westlake in may
dirty wing and white surf Bionic 2
left: the stables and the dump in march
right: the bionic 2 at the dump in april 
tonic at the dump Mussel Rock
left: the dump and sand city in march
right: the dump, september and january 
frame from Spring Conditions movie "Spring Conditions"
40MB quicktime movie
Andy parawaits Mondie
left: parawaiting
right: mission peak, jan 25
Best of 2003 Jeff
left: favorites from 2003. 100% post-consumer recycled bits.
right: the dumps, oct 10
Pro-Design Corrado high side blowout
left: compacts and other old pro-design gliders
right: miscellaneous paragliding and hang gliding photos
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glider and bay Caroline kiting
left: ed levin sept 03
right: flying women. 60% new data.
Grindelwald pilot sheep
Brown Swiss Ute at Müsenalp
top left: grindelwald, june 03
top right: wirzwelihorn, july 03


bottom left: brünni and interlaken, june 03
bottom right: müsenalp, brändlen,
 gummen kreuz, wolfenschiessen, june 03
Jug at Herd Peak Rat race launch queue
James at Potato Hill
left: herd peak and yellow butte, may 03
top right: woodrat, may 03
bottom right: potato hill, may 03
Liz landing Tollhouse launch
left: potato hill, may 03
right: tollhouse, may 03
Dumps launch the dumps may 03
Kiting up Bearback tehachapi, apr 2003
Torrey Pines mansion torrey pines apr 03
Phyl Ritmo and mustard
left: ed levin apr 03
right: the dumps, apr 03
Arnel and Edel Live arnel at the dump, apr 03
Landing at Dunlap dunlap, mar 03
Fred at Tollhouse
tollhouse mar 03
Peter and hills / Cages and coast
left: peter and dane, first week of spring 03
right: the dump, mar 03
Diablo evening smiling Eric
left: mt diablo, feb 03
right: mission peak, mar 03
James in sunset mt. diablo and the dump, feb 03
Jason and Westlake cliffs Kiting at Sand City
Octane at Windy Hill
top left: the dump and the dunes, feb 03
right: sand city and the dump, feb 03
bottom left: windy hill feb 03
Gever launching tapalpa, jalisco, jan 03
18mb quicktime movie
Ann and Ute at Tapalpa tapalpa, jalisco, jan 03
Object fixation 30 bay area pilots fly 15 sites. Plus blooper reel
52mb quicktime movie
Rotor launch non-optimal airfoil configurations
Ed Levin breakdown area Elk Mountain pilots
left: ed levin nov 02
right: bapa fly-in at elk mtn oct 02
Jerry at McClellan slide mtn, duck hill, mcclellan peak, nv 
 oct 02
Arnel kiting Judson and others at the Stables
left: the dumps oct 02
right: the dumps oct 02
Washoe lake slide mtn, oct 02
Peter and Emily emily and peter at tollhouse sep 02
Asymmetric potato hill, sept 2002
Beaverfoot Mtns. golden, bc, aug 2002
Elk Creek Woodrat clouds
left: toutle river, july 2002
right: woodrat mtn, july 2002
Rolf and Mt. Shasta the whaleback, herd peak,
 hat creek rim, july 2002
Tollhouse wildflower tollhouse wildflowers, spring 2002
Sheep in Tehachapi tehachapi june 02
Reclining cage pilot Ants and poppy seed on a mushroom
left: duck hill and slide mtn, nv june 02
right: potato hill june 02
Joerg at the Dump dumps may 2002
Steve on a rope tollhouse apr 2002
7mb quicktime movie
Dane launches at Ojai ojai and carpenteria mar 2002
10mb quicktime movie
Pilot flying with chair dumps mar 2002
10mb quicktime movie
Crowd at the Dump gever, julie, arnel, ann,
 greg and liza at the dumps feb 02
Tandem in sunset dumps jan 2002
Knees over Big Sur big sur jan 2002
Sunset at the Dump the dumps
Spectators at Elk Mtn. marshall peak, potato hill, hat creek rim,
dunlap, elk mtn., ed levin county park

andrew at the dump, 3/03
neil at the dumps 9/02
ojai (chief's) and carpinteria (bates) 3/02

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