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drawn and thirded
Dane mashed up
ink drawing/photo mashups
soaring the surf.. not really
Andrew at the dump 5/7/5
A new nor. cal site
sunset slice
Dane at the dump
King of the Bay competitor
King of the Bay competitor Aug 14
orange Gangster
Brad at the dump Oct 21
Brad at the dump (movie)
kitesurfer at 3rd ave
kite surfer at third avenue july 21
tree frog and vario
miscellaneous sight at a miscellaneous site
evening glass-off
hat creek june 19
launch queue
students at the dump may 23
Bionic 2 at the Dump
Jeff at the dump apr 30
Andrew at the stables
Andrew at the stables apr 4
Tonic at the dump
 Dave at the dump mar 22
sunset wingover
Arnel at the dump, jan 28
South Bay soaring
Andrew at mission peak jan 25
frame from Spring Conditions movie
Andrew near Tehachapi (movie)
optimistic parawaiters
 optimistic parawaiters
Jeff at the dump
Jeff at the dump, Oct 1
best of the year collage
recycled photos of the year
pillar point
miscellaneous pilot at miscellaneous site
old Pro-Design paragliders
photo by Fred old Pro-Design paragliders
Judson and sheep at Bearback
Judson at Bearback, June 22, 2002
launch queue at Ed Levin
launch queue at Ed Levin, Sept 6
Caroline kiting
kiting aviatrix
Ann and Rolf at Wirzwelihorn
 Ann and Rolf at Wirzwelihorn July 2
approaching Wolfenschiessen
approaching Wolfenschiessen July 2
Grindelwald June 29
Andrew at Brünni
  Andrew at Brünni June 27
Rat Race competitors over Woodrat Mtn
Rat Race competitors over Woodrat Mtn May 31
Max over Sheep Rock
Max over Sheep Rock May 28
Krista at Potato
Krista at Potato May 26
Andy at Tollhouse
Andy at Tollhouse May 17
Josh and Peter at Potato Hill
Josh and Peter at Potato Hill May 10
John et al. at the dumps
John et al. at the dumps May 4
Nick at Torrey Pine
Nick at Torrey Pines Apr 21
Judson at Bearback
Judson at Bearback Apr 20
Tom at the dumps
Tom at the dumps Apr 14
Arnel at the dump
Arnel at the dump Apr 4
Ann at Dunlap
Ann at Dunlap, Mar 29
Fred and Paul at Tollhouse
Fred and Paul at Tollhouse, Mar 22
Dane at the dump at sunset
Dane at the dump, Mar 23
Dane at the dump
Dane at the dump, Mar 15
Gever at Tapalpa movie frame
Gever at Tapalpa (movie)
Eric at Mission panorama
Eric at Mission, Mar 1
Greg at Diablo
Greg at Diablo, Feb 27
Andrew at Pacifica composite
Andrews at Pacifica, Feb 25
Jason at Pacifica
 Jason at Pacifica, Feb 17
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